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Vishrutta MITTAL, AFKL student
Current Level: Advanced 2
Accompanying my husband on his assignment in Malaysia and unable to find a job led me to join French classes at Alliance Francaise. Before joining the class I was skeptical about my learning experience. Today, after a year I am glad to say that I did not realize how quickly a year had passed in Alliance Francaise, time really flies!

Journey started with alphabets, numbers and our introduction. Eventually from alphabets we moved to words that turned into sentences and by the end we started writing articles of 300-400 words. It feels like achieving a milestone now! I had the opportunity to learn from a great faculty, who are able to create a challenging environment that made learning French language and culture both fun and educational. Various games, quiz, competitions, presentations kept the class interesting. In our classes, we talked about our country’s culture, sports, etc in French. So, in a way we were not only learning a new language and its culture but also learned about other countries and cultures as well.

The atmosphere at Alliance Française is great, small class sizes allowed me to meet people from all over the world and enjoy with them.

It was the help, support and confidence of my teachers that helped me in doing well in my DELF B1 exam. They lend us with a helping and guiding hand, in the form of finding the right books or correcting our articles/ essays, before our exam and ensure we build enough capability to strengthen our weak areas.

The teachers are supportive, encouraging, and friendly. They always encouraged us to talk in French. My one-year spent at Alliance Francaise is the souvenir of my stay in Malaysia; a memory whenever recalled will leave a smile on my face!  

Sherly CHAN, current AFKL student
Current Level: Proficient 13
My name is Sherly, I work in a bank as an analyst and it has been 2 years since I started attending classes at AFKL. Foreign cultures and languages have always been an interest of mine, and what sparked my interest in the French language was a friend I met online from Britany, a several years ago.

Alliance Francaise, known for its internal presence and its close relationship with the local and French community was an obvious choice for me to improve my French. What pleases and helps me the most at this stage of learning the language, is that there is less emphasis on grammar and more focus on using the language as a means of encouraging and transmitting ideas. The teachers facilitate a participative environment where discussions are very much encouraged and students have lots of opportunity to express themselves regarding various subjects.

The unique environment here offers plenty of opportunities to speak the language outside of classes as well. It’s always a pleasure to have a chat with classmates at the café during break time or to spend some time engrossed in a graphic novel at the library. Besides, the cultural activities organised by AFKL allows one to involve oneself with the French community. By participating in the writing and poem workshops, as well as performances for the cabaret and the Christmas murder party, I had the chance to interact with fellow students and Francophones in a fun and friendly environment.

As Alliance Française also has students from many countries around the world, classes enable one to learn more of other cultures and ways of thinking. I have been lucky to have classmates from Japan, China, Germany, Iran and Ireland which makes our discussions interesting, giving an insight into other ways of life.

So far, my experience at AFKL has been fun and excellent. I would recommend it unreservedly to anyone having an interest in French language and culture ! 

Jasper KHOO, current AFKL student
Current Level: Independent 3
What made me want to learn French? It started in 2012 November after I attended a church training in Sitiawan. One of the topics was about picking up a European language so that in the future we can go there to share the truth from Bible. Also, I wish to study MBA in France. Besides, I found that the French language is a different language as compared to Asian languages and English, especially in terms of language structure and pronunciation. Furthermore, I found that not much people in my hometown and state are learning French. That also gives me a motivation to learn it, because I just feel different from the others.

Why did I choose AFKL? In the beginning, I learn French all by myself with different kinds of materials. After that, I found that self-learning is insufficient for my pronunciation and communication skills. I started to find for French classes. One of the brothers in the church suggested me to learn French with AF, because his son is currently studying in a junior classes in AF Penang. With his recommendation, I tried at AFKL Bangsar. I took a train from Ipoh to Kuala Lumpur every Saturday for 5 months until I enrolled in INTI Subang on August 2014.

After I attended AFKL, I found that it is a full scale of learning French, from speaking, communicating, writing, listening, presenting ideas, and carrying out team work in French. After attending several classes, I noticed that my French improved tremendously. I can start to write longer essays and have more confidence in communicating in French.

I also found that AFKL’s learning method is unique. Though the classes on weekends are long, but it does not make me feel bored. The teachers in AFKL are friendly, and are experts in teaching this language with a more relaxed and enjoyable environment. The textbooks are also colourful, informative, and corporate with unique cultures and locations in France.

As a summary, AFKL is the best choice for learning French, in my opinion. I am glad to meet friends who are passionate towards the French language and culture like me, and also participate in activities held by AFKL such as French Art and Film Festival. AFKL is not just a place to learn a language, but to immerse in the culture and social being of French.

Last but not least, I would like to recommend AFKL to my friends because it is a very awesome and extraordinary learning method!

Leoniel DG, current AFKL student
Current Level: Independent 1-3
What I’d love about learning French language is that it gives me the key to gain more knowledge, unlock different culture and incorporate my learning in my work as an entrepreneur of a bakery. As they say, French is a romantic language – to be passionate in what we are doing, and to add that little romance makes a tremendous difference in how we live and see things in our daily routine. Likewise, my life has become more interesting since I joined AFKL.

It is really interesting because my class is made up of many other nationalities such as Philippines, American, Nigerian, Korean and Iranian. Hence, I learn a lot of things thanks to such a mix of culture and diversity. We used to have a good laugh with our broken French in the beginners class. Of course, my expectation was to learn the language when I enrolled for the course, and as a result, I can see myself progressing throughout the entire duration of the program. By choosing AF, I believe the level of service standards and teaching quality are never compromised.

The learning materials provided are adequate, and most of the teachers are willing to go that extra mile to make a difference. Furthermore, they organize events from time to time such as the French Art & Film Festival and Fete de la Musique. By participating in such exciting events, I was able to meet new friends and practice my French simultaneously. All in all, this is quite a good place to learn French!

Katayoun Tavoosi, currently living in Montreal
Most Recent Level: Proficient 4-5
Prior to joining AFKL, I had studied French back home for a few months. I love learning the language, that's why I wanted to continue learning French. Before I settled down with AFKL, I did my research and discovered that AFKL is the only authorized French Language Center in Kuala Lumpur (under the French Embassy). Hence, I decided to join somewhere I know there will be supervision over students and their progress. I loved the ambiance in Lorong Gurney center – it is a big, spacious place, surrounded by the nature. I had the chance to meet many wonderful individuals including the native French speakers and to join various French cultural activities – all these helped me to improve my language skills and cultural knowledge in the real life. Over time, my classmates and teachers in AFKL become my friends, and this wonderful experience made the learning of French easier and more fun.

After one year of studying in AFKL, I managed to obtain B2 in TCF-Q exam and I am quite happy about that. I have no regret that I chose AFKL! With responsible teachers and efficient pedagogy team, they had made sure that I progressed and achieved my learning goals!

Shaun Adrian Perera, current AFKL student
Current Level: Independent 1
French is an international language and a romance language. I am glad that I have the opportunity to learn the French language at AFKL. Since I joined AFKL, my perception on the language has changed to a certain level. It was difficult at first try, but once I continued taking its lessons, I was able to speak the language at least at a basic level – which was for me a feeling of accomplishment. The main reason why I chose AFKL is that Alliance Française is the official French language center here in Kuala Lumpur Malaysia. Being a franchise of the Alliance Francaise de Paris, AFKL offers me a good range of French courses, from basic course levels to proficiency levels.

The liberal offerings of French courses allow me to progress based on my personal pace and time. Moreover, my language instructors are from France, and most of the instructions and conversations conducted during the courses are in French. My language instructors are always there to assist me, when I am having difficulty in the language, especially in grammar and pronunciations. This helps me to assimilate into the French language easier. I also enjoy the wide range of French cultural activities hosted by AFKL throughout the year. Therefore, I would recommend that if you are planning to learn French, then you should enroll in AFKL.

Naveena Rikhraj, current AFKL student
Current level: Advanced 2 (Teenager Class)
When I came to Malaysia, I was eager to continue to learn French, so after doing some detailed research on Internet, I found Alliance Francaise website.  A few friends and family had recommended AFKL, thus I decided to join. I started learning French at school, but here at AFKL, it is once a week for me, and I still find it quite good and I am happy with it. I want to continue learning the language, and I was looking for something convenient, both the timing and day suits my schedule accordingly.

At AFKL, we have a good progressive syllabus, a mixture of different students from different regions, and we have teachers who are very dedicated. The organisation and service of AFKL is good. We have a good library to enhance our learning too with all books. Why AFKL? It has a friendly environment and they have good teachers!

Judy Tan, currently living in Paris
Most recent level: Independent 5
The thought of being able to communicate in the renowned romantic language was really tempting. Not only speaking French is cool but I realized it is in fact one of the world’s most spoken languages. Though I did not speak perfect French, AFKL has helped me get rid of the complexity about conversing in French. I was happy with the results attained from a crash course I did in AFKL. My course was conducted by a French professor. I learnt common daily expressions, jokes and jargons that are non-acquirable through textbooks. AFKL is more than just a language center. It is a culture hub. I like that AFKL is located in a villa instead of an office building. It has that extra cozy edge to it, which I assume is important when learning a foreign language. It made me feel right at home.

The convivial ambiance sets AFKL apart from all the other language centers. I liked the café, where it is a focal meeting point for students after class. The library has different resources such as books, films and periodicals. It completes the learning curve. I also appreciate the French Art and Film Festival organized annually by AFKL. I have had the pleasure of attending a concert by Bel Tuner during one of these annual events. The friendly and courteous staffs, including the cleaning ladies and the guard brought warmth to my heart, every time. Most importantly, AFKL has offered me a total immersion in the French language and culture.


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