Holiday Programme

Special School Holiday program

Special School Holiday program !

Artistic and creative workshops
For French school pupils, from CP to 3e
October 30th to November 3rd

This year again, Alliance Française is very happy to organize great workshops for children during their holidays from Lycée Français. For their upcoming holidays, in October-November, we will open four workshops for different age groups, on morning and afternoon.
It will be possible for them to have lunch with us and even to enjoy a full day of workshops, by participating to two of them!

Important: for organisational reasons, registration will end on October 21st. And since each workshop has a limited number of participants, remember… the early bird catches the worm!

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arts & crafts and playful activities
From CP to CE2 – Monday to Friday, 9 am to 12 pm

Out of the cupboards or in your nightmares,
The stuff of legends or mythology tales,
Monsters of Asian or world renown,
Ready to befriend or give you a good scare…
Let’s explore for a week the world of monsters through many different fun and creative activities such as fine arts, stories, cooking, games, monster hunt… Come and meet them, if you dare!



In Amélie’s footsteps…
theatre workshop
From  CE2 to 6e - Monday to Friday, 9 am to 12 pm

Each of us has their own unique little habits, wishes, woes and moments of happiness. Some things get on our nerves, others intrigue us and there are some things we alter or invent to bring more color or magic to our everyday lives.
Much like gold diggers, we will go look for these gems inside us and bring them out. Our bodies, voices, minds, emotions, memory and imagination will be harnessed through a series of theatrical games to make this week a most enjoyable break.
With Gregory, a professional actor


Theater games
theatre workshop
From CP to CE2 - Monday to Friday, 1 to 3 pm

Having a snowball fight, snarling like a tiger... Walking on the lava, standing still like a statue, becoming a king, shaking with fear …
With Grégory, professional actor, and through theatrical games and activities, children will explore their emotions, develop their creativity and imagination, improve their spontaneity and self confidence… but most of all, they will have a great holiday time!


Ready, steady, click!
photography workshop
From CM1 to 3e - Monday to Friday, 1 to 4 pm

Armed with your camera, you will create your very own fotonovela during this workshop. Find out about the history of the 8th art, discover some famous photographers and go into some of the techniques in depth such as framing, portrait, macro photography, playing with speed and aperture to create a ghost effect or using the light to draw patterns…
These October holidays, why not giving up selfies and joining us behind the lens?
With Clélia, a professional photographer and teacher

One workshop: RM350, Except Theatre Games: RM240
Two workshops (same child): 5% rebate
Supervised lunch onsite available: RM30 per day
The workshop fee includes taxes and a snack. It does not include the compulsory membership fee to Alliance Française. Alliance Française reserves the right to cancel a workshop should the number of participants be too low.




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