AFKL offers customized language programs to enable the client to achieve its professional communication goals. Participants will benefit from an enjoyable learning environment with many opportunities to engage in realistic practice activities. We will work with the client to analyze their training needs in order to establish a realistic long term plan and ensure a broad reach at a minimum cost. At AFKL, we cater to clients’ needs through a customized approach, and clients can benefit from the flexible scheduling.


    Our method focuses on the development of communication skills and incorporated the use of video, audio and printed materials which are selected to best fit the client’s needs. In order to create a customized program for each client, we will:

    • Assess the proficiency level of each participant through written and oral evaluation.
    • Design a customized program that is best suited to the level of the participants in order to achieve goals.
    • Evaluate the progress of each participant to ensure the success of the program.

    We will work with the client to design a schedule that is convenient for the clients and the program’s participants.

    • Time: Terms run at time slots that is most convenient for the client.
    • Pace: Varied frequency to meet the requirement of the client.
    • Location: Training can take place at the premise of AFKL or even the client itself. Suitable training rooms must be provided by the client, equipped with a white board or flip chart with chairs and tables and a CD player.

    Moreover, the study materials selected are designed to arm students with the ability to conduct themselves professionally in French in commonly encountered business situations, through realization of different tasks of increasing difficulty levels.

    The program will consist of:
    • French for working professionals
    • General French
    • Cultural and professional reference points
    • Specialized French (tailor-made modules)

    Our clients include:

    • The Attorney’s General Chambers/br> • The Ministry of Defence
    • The Ministry of Education
    • International Comittee of the Red Cross
    • World Health Organization
    • Air France
    • Technip
    • Alstom
    • Ipsen
    • Michelin
    • Total
    • Petronas
    • Peugeot
    • United Nations
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For more information and consultation, please contact Mrs. Mélodie Barthoux via email: or call AFKL at 03-2694 7880.


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