Group classes are made for you if you want a complete general class of French language. Our adult classes are provided on weekdays as well as on Saturdays in our four centers.

Study at your pace! You can choose between an extensive class (3.40 hours a week / 40 hours a term), a semi-intensive class (7.20 hours a week / 80 hours a term) or an intensive class (11 hours a week / 120 hours a term).

All our classes are based on our course structure program with standardized learning materials.

Click here to download the Program.


 Frequency (duration)

Fees (GST included)


 4 times a week

(120 hours)

 From RM1,850 to RM1,880


 Twice a week

(80 hours)

 From RM1,250 to RM1,300


 Once a week

(40 hours)

From RM785 to RM900

AFKL yearly membership & material fees

Individual Membership (1 year): RM106

Text & exercise book + CD:

RM170 - RM190 according to level

Family Membership (1 year): RM159


Tel: 03 – 2694 7880 / 03-2202 7285
Fax: 03 – 2693 0502

Tuesday - Thursday    9AM – 6PM
Friday   9AM – 6PM
Saturday   9AM – 5PM
Sunday and Monday   Closed
Public Holidays  
Lunch break   1PM – 2PM


Tuesday Friday   11AM – 6PM
Saturday    9AM – 5PM
Sunday and Monday   Closed
Public Holidays  
Lunch break   1.30PM – 2.30PM